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Unconfined is moving into a digital environment, which gives our designers more creative freedom and allows them to experiment with a wider variety of media.  Contents will be published each month surrounding a specific topic of discussion. 


For the month of March, the theme of the Art Project is Feminism and Pop Art. Women’s history month is a month dedicated to remind ourselves of the accomplishments of women throughout the years to our culture and society. This month in Unconfined the Project, we created many original art pieces, photographs, and infographics to cherish the special month and to raise awareness of feminism. To reflect the boldness and colorful characters of modern women, we utilized pop art as our main style. 

Art Project, March 2021

Feminism and Pop Art 

Mission Statement – 172_3x.png

Environmentalism: a social movement aimed at protecting all aspects of the environment, from our oceans, to the air, to the biomes on Earth and the flora/fauna that inhabits them. The environmentalist movement first began after the Industrial Revolution, when the construction of cities and the burning of fossil fuels started to negatively affect the Earth’s biodiversity and climate. Since then, many countries around the world have prioritized protecting the environment by allocating funds to establish sustainable programs and funding scientists to develop more eco-friendly technology.

Art Project, April 2021

Environmental Awareness