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If only winter was now.

By: Sasha Zatler

Funny when the seasons change, we desire to be present on the other side of the yearly spectrum.

When winter finally rolls around, you can only think of basking in the warmth of the summer sun after noticing the sting of your chapped knuckles. You find yourself rummaging through the sock drawer in search of that last bundle of fuzzy socks because you can’t feel your toes anymore. The monotonous jolly songs on the radio that serenade you wherever you go quickly become an overdose. But once this time passes, once the living room is undressed of its red white and green, once the windows rid of their morning dewiness, there is, again, a hope for it all to return. There is only so much beach air you can inhale, so much ice cream you can lap up from constant brain freezes, so much sunscreen you can cover every inch of your body with. If only winter was now.

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