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Thank you to everyone who have supported and participated in our workshops, stay tuned for more events and projects in the future!

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Design Workshop 

Art Study on Joan Miró

Fiona Fan and Shining Lu

January 9, 2-3pm

Fiona Fan

Shining Lu

This workshop explores the works of Spanish surrealist Joan Miro, and students will design a clothing garment inspired by the colors and style of his work.

Fiona is a junior at Canyon Crest Academy and a member of the school's art conservatory. She has a great passion for a variety of art form, such as traditional art, fashion designing, and garment draping. She also likes to interact and share her experience with younger students.

Shining is a current sophomore at Westview High School. She withholds a strong passion for the arts including drawing, painting, digital art, and exploring different art styles. She especially loves the abstract and impressionist styles.


Photography Workshop

Intro to Composition

Maia Espinoza

January 9, 3-4pm

Maia Espinoza

This workshop studies the basis of composition in photography, including relationship between grounds, visibility, and general rules of composition. 

Maia is a junior at Canyon Crest Academy. She is passionate about taking photos as a creative outlet with her digital camera, and enjoys photographing nature, family, and friends. She is greatly interested in sharing her knowledge of photography with others.

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Design Workshop 

Fundamental Skill on Perspective

Connie Zhu and Anais Yoon

January 10, 2-3pm

Connie Zhu

Anais Yoon

This workshop explores one of the most critical element of art: perspective. Through activities and exercises, students will practice applying perspective in their art to create dimensions and depth.

Connie is a sophomore at Westview High School who has been involved with art for the past 11 years. She loves messing with different mediums, particularly skilled in different forms of paint such as watercolor and acrylic. She hopes to be able to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring artists.  

Anais is a Sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. She has been into arts for about 10 years and has a strong passion for it. Anais is part of her school's conservatory. She also loves attempting new mediums and styles of art. She especially loves sketching and watercolor.

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Photography Workshop

Intro to Manual Mode Topics

Sophie Sills and Quinn Campbell    

January 10, 11-12am

Sophie Sills

This workshop is an introduction to manual mode topics in photography, which includes shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more!

Sophie is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. She is passionate about photography and enjoys taking photos of many different subjects such as people (portraiture), sports, and nature, and has greatly enjoyed photographing for Unconfined.

Quinn Campbell


Quinn is a freshman at Canyon Crest Academy. She loves photographing subjects like family and friends, pets, and dance, as well as others. She has enjoyed being a part of the Unconfined photography team and can't wait to share her knowledge with others!

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Design Workshop 

Fundamental Skill on Color Theory

Jerry Yu and Annabelle Wang

January 17, 2-3pm

Jerry Yu

Annabelle Wang

This workshop covers the basics of color theory. Student will learn the basic theory and vocabulary behind colors and create a piece of artwork along with the instructor.  

Jerry is a junior at Northwood High School who spends his time exploring different creative outlets such as painting, sketching, digital art, and 3D modeling. As an aspiring concept artist, he takes many of his inspirations from movies and games.

Annabelle is a sophomore at Westview High School who spends her free time dabbling in art. She has taken art classes ever since elementary school and joined unconfined this year.

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Design Workshop 

Art Study on Van Gogh 

Izzy Pope and Aiyana Nambiar

January 23, 2-3pm

Izzy Pope

Aiyana Nambiar

This workshop explores the works of Vincent van Gogh. Students will recreate Van Gogh's style in their own drawing after debriefing impressionist color palette and brush strokes.

Izzy is a sophomore at Tigard High School and enjoys making art as a hobby. She has taken several courses in the subject and hopes to take more in the future. She mainly paints portraits and landscapes.

Aiyana is a junior at Canyon Crest Academy. She is a member of her school's art conservatory program. She loves drawing and painting as well as exploring new art styles. Her favorites include abstract and surrealism.

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Photography Workshop

Intro to Photo Editing 

Esther Kang

January 23, 3-4pm

Esther Kang

This workshop is an introduction to different topics in photo editing. The instructor will discuss components in light and color editing, and students will apply them to their own photos throughout the workshop. 

Esther is a junior at Westview High School and dabbles in photography as an enjoyable hobby. She joined the Unconfined Team in August 2020 and mainly likes to take and edit photos of her friends and nature scenery. 

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Design Workshop 

Art Study on Still Life

Muzi Wei and Vivian Ke

January 24, 2-3pm

Muzi Wei

Vivian Ke

This workshop studies the basics of still life drawings, a practice that is crucial and necessary for fundamental drawing techniques. After exploring the concepts of a still life, students will draw one along with the instructors. 

Muzi is a sophomore at Torrey Pines High School. Having great passion for art, she has taken ongoing courses and finds it to be an important hobby. 


Vivian is a freshman at Torrey Pines High School. She loves art which include drawing, painting, digital art, and designing. She mainly draw still life by using the acrylic paint and color pencils. She looks forward to share her experience to students in the class.

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